Expressive Therapy for Adults

Play Therapy is not just for children! Adults benefit from exploring their concerns in artistic and expressive ways as well. Sometimes, talking is just not enough. When faced with a problem or crossroad in life, it is extremely helpful to be able to stand back and view it from many different angles. That is what Creative Expressive Play Therapy allows.

Sand Tray work allows the creator to build the world that is being experienced currently. Through discussion and reflective observation with a trained therapist the creator has the ability to change or even just recognize obstacles that are causing barriers to moving forward.  It is powerful, and empowering in a way that can only be experienced.

Combined with talk therapy, obstacles can be brought to the surface, explored and surpassed.

Other art creations allow the same, in a different way. Sometimes, we just don’t really know how to verbally express what is REALLY the problem, logic and emotion help us in life when we allow them to work together.