Peace of Yoga



Playful Therapy is proud to be a part of Peace of Yoga where we incorporate all the limbs of yoga.

In brief the eight limbs, or steps to yoga, are as follows:
  1. Yama :  Universal morality
  2. Niyama :  Personal observances
  3. Asanas :  Body postures
  4. Pranayama :  Breathing exercises, and control of prana
  5. Pratyahara :  Control of the senses
  6.  Dharana :  Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness
  7. Dhyana :  Devotion, Meditation on the Divine
  8. Samadhi :  Union with the Divine
Peace of Yoga offers a space for all of the above including our classes and workshops that involve movement (asanas, dance), meditation, healing thru therapy, individual and group sessions for all of the above. We have private spaces, a beautiful large space and a smaller intimate space. In our beautiful reception area we welcome everyone.
We also proudly support our local art and artists and will be including some local art in our space for 2016!