“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.     -Carl Jung

Playful Therapy incorporates creative expression into the therapeutic process. 

We may talk with friends or family about our struggles, and understand logically what is going on in our personal situation, but are still frustrated, anxious, or unhappy.

As Neurobiology shows, all parts of our brains inform our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, so allowing all parts of the brain to assist in finding solutions makes sense.

Though sand, art, symbols as well as talking, clients are able to integrate the emotional part of their brain with the logical side to help clarify issues, and find resolution to internal conflict.

Emotional struggles including trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and even short term solution based issues which previously were not conscious or could not be talked about properly are brought into awareness to be understood and resolved. 


Registered Play Therapist