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Play is children’s natural mode of expression. In a Play Therapy session, children are able to work through their situations in their own way.  Using reflective listening and freedom of expression, children gain confidence and creative problem-solving skills to understand themselves better.

 Children may use sand, storytelling, art, games, puppets, and other Expressive Arts modalities to manage their feelings, thoughts, and experiences. As children build their self-esteem, their relationships with friends and family improve.

Through Play Therapy, children learn about themselves and their surroundings, their capabilities, and their limitations. Through play, children learn new skills, such as how to handle anger and frustration, problem solve and increase their self-esteem and ability to communicate.

Birds Fly, fish swim and children play -Gary Landreth

At times Playful Therapy is unable to accept any new young clients.

Luckily, there are many other talented child therapists in or near Saint Petersburg. Some of my favorites are:

For tweens and teenagers – Dr. Samantha Brustad

Family Therapy and Play Therapy with Little Ones: Andrea Mason

Accepts Medicaid and most major insurance for mental health, wellness, and educational services to children, couples, and individuals—including those in high-conflict and high-risk situations.