Registered Play Therapist

Families Benefit When Children Play!

Play is how children express themselves naturally.  In Play Therapy, children have the space to work through  situations in a way that is most comfortable for every individual child. Through reflective listening and freedom of expression, children gain confidence and creative problem solving skills to understand themselves better. Children may use sand, story telling, art, games, puppets, and other Expressive Arts modalities to manage their feelings, thoughts, and experiences. As children build their self esteem, their relationships with friends and family improves.

Through Play Therapy children learn about themselves, their surroundings, capabilities, and limitations. Children use play to learn new skills, such as how to handle anger and frustration, problem solve, and increase their sense of self and ability to communicate their needs.

Parents learn skills to help their children deal with strong emotions, and set firm limits with love. Parents and children learn to express angry feelings without being hurtful, and how to resolve family conflicts peacefully.



“Birds fly, fish swim and children play.”
– Garry Landreth




Lisa Schweitzer, LMHC, NCC, RPT


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